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Academic Support

During the summer and academic year, Supplemental Instruction (SI), Content Tutoring, Writing Tutoring, and Learning Strategists (Academic Skills Tutors) are available to support students in their coursework. 

SI Leaders and Tutors are your peers at UC San Diego. They create fun, active learning sessions that build your social network with your classmates, along with focusing on strengthening your skills as a successful student in your courses.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions are peer-led groups that provide students opportunities to work with their peers in course content learning, problem-solving, and study skills and strategies appropriate for their course.

Why do students utilize Supplemental Instruction?

  • "I had a very great quarter and especially with SI help. It has helped me prepare for the exams and be prepared to enter discussion knowing things I had a hard time understanding."

Content Tutoring

In Tutoring sessions, students come prepared with a specific question or questions regarding content or problem-solving. The Tutors guide students in their own thinking to review or begin problem-solving. Tutors also support students in content-specific skills and strategies for learning. Tutoring provides students a more personalized support structure. 

Why do students utilize Content Tutoring?

  • "The Tutors made it extremely easy to understand the concept. They also taught tips and tricks that I never knew about before tutoring."

Writing Mxntors (Tutoring)

Embedded Writing Mxntors support all AWP 10 classes in the Summer Bridge Program. These Writing Mxntors provide one-on-one writing support and individualized instruction to meet the students' specific writing needs. The Writing Mxntors are your peers who attend class with you and work closely with the instructor to support you on multiple reading and writing levels. Writing Mxntors meet students for individual 30-minute appointments each week.

Why do students utilize Writing Mxntors?

  • “Students felt validated with the readings and the readings opened their eyes to disparities within the education system that they hadn't considered before. Instructors and tutors really helped ease their transition into college-- it may seem intimidating at first, but now they feel prepared to ask for help when they need it."

EDS 25 Discussion Leaders

Graduate student Discussion Leaders support all EDS 25 classes in the Summer Bridge Program. The Discussion Leaders support you as you manage readings to meet students' specific needs for their journal reflections and responses. The Discussion Leaders attend class and work closely with the instructor to support you. 

Learning Strategists

Learning Strategists provide students support in developing their skills as learners. Through one-on-one appointments and a Canvas resource site, students gain strategies for managing university-level content, achieve greater insight into how they best learn and develop a growth mindset. 

Why do students utilize Learning Strategists?

  • "The biggest improvement to my learning skills/strategies is the accountability of knowing you have to tell someone whether or not you met your goals for the week. This gave me extra motivation to get ahead on my work and use my planner."